Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm back!!! Better late than never :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I am few days late, but not too shabby considering I haven't been on here in a year!!! A whole year! Crazy! I think I just got sucked into facebook, but I am going to turn over a new leaf and do better about documenting the details of our little world.
2011 has been an insanely wonderful year for me. I was able to do LOTS of traveling (my favorite thing!!!!) I went to Panama city beach twice, Nauvoo, IL for youth conference, Las Vegas with my Springville girlfriends, and on a Disney Cruise and to Disneyworld. Lots of fun, amazing memories! Other big news this year is weight loss...Nate and I have both lost quite a bit and it has been wonderful buying all new clothes. It gives us a both a whole new level of confidence. We owe it all the FABULOUS Amy Fortin. She's my workout guru...and one of my best friends. Now the goal is run a 5K and maintain, maintain, maintain!
Other HUGE news...Nate is in the process of buying out his law partner and will be the sole owner of the lawfirm Francis, Fentress, and Craig. Super exciting and scary all at once! I couldn't be more proud. He works so hard and deserves every good thing this life has to offer!!
While sharing this news with family, Nate's brother said, "SO, I guess that means you are staying in Kentucky?!?" The answer to that question is a resounding YES! We love it here and plan to raise our kids here. Long term goal is to build my dream home (It's already in my head :))
Anyway, we are so happy and feel so grateful. Nate continues to serve as bishop of our ward (It has already been 3 and a half years) and I know that he makes a difference and we are blessed for it. I am in my second year teaching seminary and I absolutely love it. Preparing a lesson 5 days a week is a lot of work, but I am learning so much and I am completely inspired by the awesome youth that I have the privilege of teaching. It is an honor!
That is 2011 in a nutshell. Looking forward to big changes in 2012 and making more great memories!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I realize that I have been a complete slacker blogging the past several months. I guess I should make it one of my New Year's resolutions to do better :). Things are always busy at home and with our church callings (did I mention that I am now teaching early morning seminary??), but we are all healthy and happy. I hope that all of my friends and family have a memorable, healthy, and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Universal Studios!

In the late 90's as a student at BYU I took a young adult lit class. My teacher was talking about a new young adult series that kids were going crazy over...the character was a boy named Harry Potter that finds out at the age of 12 that he is a wizard. She said, "Harry Potter is making it cool for kids to read!" Of course, I read the books and was hooked, but I never dreamed that it would one day be part of a theme park! When the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened up at Universal Orlando in June, we decided that we HAD to experience it! What can I say, we are fans!! If you aren't...well should be!!! So fun to be transported into such a magical place. Anyway, we went to Orlando last month along with Nathan's parents, his brother Mark and his wife Maria, and our good friends Debbie and Amanda. The kids stayed home--a HUGE thanks to our friends Christian and Amy for watching them for us!!!

On the plane!

We practically ran into the park! So exciting!

Hogwarts castle from a distance

Pumpkin juice! It's pretty good! This was taken in the herbology classroom.

Ready to enter the castle for the main Harry Potter ride! I have to say that it did NOT disappoint! The attention to detail was amazing and the ride was much more of a thrill ride than I had expected.

Waiting in line to ride it again

Another view of the castle

Hogsmeade--check out the snow!

Lunch at the three broomsticks

Hogwarts express

Spiderman 3D If you look closely you can see how wet we still are from Jurassic Park and the log ride

Nathan and I after we rode the Hulk roller coaster. I was pretty proud of myself for doing it--that thing was crazy!!

Back to Hogsmeade for a little butter beer (you can see Honeydukes candy shop in the background :))

Mark trying the Berty Botts every flavor beans. Of course, Nathan was trying to find all of the discusting ones (vomit, dirt, sausage, ear wax...yup he tried them all)

Entering the other Universal park

After the Jaws ride--our tour guide was a riot! He let Nathan wear his hat.

With Mark and Maria

We saw the taping of two episodes of Family Fued with Steve Harvey. It was a lot of fun!! This is me on the front row (right before they told us to put away our cameras :))

Last night in Orlando. We ate at NBA city.
It was a whirlwind weekend, but it was a BLAST!! I love Orlando! Can't wait to get back!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Alison!!

The last 2 weeks have been quite eventful for little miss Alison! First, she taught herself how to ride a 2 wheeled bike without training wheels, 2nd, she started 1st grade, and third, she turned 6 years old!!! Last Saturday was her birthday party. She wanted a water themed party and my friend Amanda was kind enough to let us borrow her inflatable water slide. The kids had a blast!

So many fun gifts!

She was thrilled to get an American Girl bed for her doll. FINALLY her doll can have a restful night's sleep! :)
We love you Alison! The last 6 years have been a blessing!

Trip to Utah!!

At the end of July, the kids and I flew to Utah for a week to spend time with family and friends. It was an AMAZING week! Here are some highlights:

So fun to spend the day with my girlfriends in springville!! I miss you guys!

All our kids! CRAZY!

Friday we went to the zoo with my dad. The girls favorite part was the baby elephant Zuri. So cute!

My dad's new nickname for Hailey is "queen bee". She loves being the princess!

At the bird show

On the train

Days of 47 parade in Salt Lake

We were lucky enough to have reserved seats for the parade. Thanks mom!

Temple Square--the flowers were fabulous!




My mom and all the grandkids! It was so great to see my brother and his family!

They loved the reflection pool at the temple

Grandma and Grandpa K

The Kartchner party at my cousin Mike's. Me with Dan and Lana

The whole crew!!! What a great posterity my grandparents have!


We had an amazing time! Hopefully we will get back sometime soon! :)